What can I do to get a snake out of my attic?

Baton Rouge snake

Getting A Snake Out of the Attic
Once a snake enters your attic, that space becomes dangerous for you to enter. It becomes an area with an active threat – one that you cannot take lightly. Snakes, venomous or not, pose a risk to you. They can bite, shed skin to create a mess, and cause issues for you. Before the problem escalates, and before anyone comes away harmed, you have to take action. Removing the snake should happen immediately and cleanly. You must do it safely, for both your sake and that of the snake, for best results. There are a few ways to go about this, and each one is manageable for people in all sorts of situations.

Venomous Snakes
If there is any risk of the snake being venomous, or if you know that the snake is venomous, do not approach it. It does not matter how safe you are with the removal, there is still a risk of a bite. For venomous snakes, a bite can put your life at risk. Use professional services and keep yourself away from anything that could threaten your life.

Personal Removal
You can remove the snake yourself with no problem. With the use of traps and other methods out there, you can have it gone almost immediately. Traps are, by far, the easiest solution. So long as the trap is the right size for the snake, it should work fine. It is straightforward and simple, too; there are limited risks when using one. Set the trap up and set it down. Check back later and remove the snake if caught. There is nothing else for you to do with a trap. You can remove the snake yourself, too, if you have the appropriate gear and equipment. Approach the snake and situation cautiously, be safe about it, and be smart about it.

You can keep yourself away from the snake entirely with exclusion methods. By sealing access points and using exclusion for a single point, you can get the snake out easily. Exclusion works well and is easy to implement, showing great results when used properly. You do not have to touch or go near the snake at all with this.

Professional Removal
If you cannot do it yourself, or there is a risk of the snake being venomous, contact a professional service for this. It comes at a cost, but it could save your life. Snakes can get into your property, but that does not mean they are going to stay there. There are ways to keep the snakes out and your property safe.

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